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Author Topic: Spam Message Claiming to be from Cruzio  (Read 5892 times)
« on: January 11, 2010, 11:10:59 am »

Several of our customers have been reporting a new spam message going around that claims to be from Cruzio or Gatespeed.

This message can have one of several different subjects, including but not limited to the following:

  • A new settings file for the mailbox@cruzio.com
  • A new settings file for the mailbox@cruzio.com mailbox has just been released
  • For the owner of the mailbox@cruzio.com e-mail account

The following is an example of what the body of these spam messages often look like:

Dear user of the cruzio.com mailing service!

We are informing you that because of the security upgrade of the mailing service your mailbox (mailbox@cruzio.com) settings were changed. In order to apply the new set of settings click on the following link:

http://cruzio.com/owa/service_directory/settings.php? email=mailbox@cruzio.com&from=cruzio.com&fromname=mailbox

Best regards, cruzio.com Technical Support.


These messages are not from Cruzio and are from spammers attempting to trick our customers into downloading potentially harmful software to their computer. Please do not click the link in these spam messages. Delete this message if you receive it in your inbox.

Our engineers are looking into this issue. At this time, we are uncertain as to the source of these spam messages.

However, a majority of these messages have a high spam rating. If your Cruzio spam filter is enabled, it should be catching these messages. For more information about how to enable or make adjustments to your Cruzio spam filter, click here.
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« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2010, 12:13:29 pm »

Rec'd two of these messages on successive days. Thinking this might be genuine I tested it before opening using AVG and it DOES contain a virus. 
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2010, 01:27:51 pm »

Saturday I received a message from ncramirez@sbcglobal.net  asking for information as to : email address, username, password and country  to "update my information for "Account Management".    Reply to "Cruzio.com  Customer Care".     The message was littered with mispelled words.

I trust Cruzio with my information.  I thought I should report this email at once.

« Reply #3 on: January 23, 2010, 05:12:23 pm »

I got this beauty today -- it passed through the cruzio spam filters: 

On 1/23/2010 4:49 AM, Account Management wrote:
> This message is from Cruzio.com Customer Care message center«, to all Cruzio.com account owners. We are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail account center. We are deleting all unused Cruzio.com account to create more space for new accounts. You are advice to verify and confirm your account details below to enable us upgrade our Cruzio.com e-mail account e.g. Cruzio.com E-mail, Password,and Address etc.

> Anyone whofails to do his or her own will automatically lost his or her own Account.

> E-mail Address:
> Username:
> Password:
> Country:

> We need the above information to upgrade your account, also know that your information is safe. After Sending the above information you will be sent a confirmation e-ma
> to notify you that your account have be succesfully upgraded.

> Thanks,
> Managemant.
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