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Cruzio Newsletter #142, August 30th, 2011
1. Where Are the Smartest Jobs?
2. Earthquake Info
3. Expanding Cruzioworks: Offices Available

4. MakersFactory in the News 
5. Mountain Lions in Santa Cruz

6. Bringing the Muralists Inside
7. Fiber Funnies
8. Ewaste Recycling Results

9. What's New Around Cruzioworks

1. Where Are the Smartest Jobs?
As Cruzio plans Internet infrastructure upgrades for Santa Cruz County, it's part of an overall hope that our community can be a center for new technology and a place where we all can find rewarding work. 

Wired Magazine had a great article in June with lots of graphics about "smart" jobs and where they're found. Surprisingly, a lot of emerging economies are in small cities: Provo, Utah specializing in software; Fort Collings, Colorado for green technology; Reading, Pennsylvania for batteries. 

Cruzio's fiber network and data center enable Santa Cruz to see the same kind of growth. We're continuing to expand and improve our network, adding fallback power and redundant network routes for extra reliability (we live in an earthquake zone!).

Expanded Internet allows for all sorts of enterprises to flourish. What sort of an emerging economy will result? That's unknown -- it's up to our members how they take advantage.

One thing we've noticed: it's not just young people at the forefront of new local technology. Our community's lucky to have resourceful veterans of the tech movement available to work with newcomers.

2. Earthquake Info
Okay: you think you've felt an earthquake and want to check. Within minutes of an event -- little tremor to bigger quake -- you'll find relevant information on the US Geological Service's informative website. (Cruzio links to it on the bottom left of our weather page.) The site maps a history of recent quakes, showing size and location, and has a "did you feel it?" section for people to report their experiences.

3. Expanding Cruzioworks: Offices Available
Cruzioworks is an inclusive coworking community, sharing resources and ideas, looking out for each other and working on new ventures. We've got plenty of room for drop-in members in our large, sunny common area. And soon we'll have more private offices, too.

Private offices off the common space are, for some, the best of both worlds. All the benefits of coworking but with a separate place for more focused work, too. Our current offices have been fully occupied since we opened, so we are building new offices -- about 30 of them, ranging in size from 100 to 600 square feet -- which all get to share the common amenities and workspace.

You don't need nearly as much space inside your office walls when there's such a beautiful common area right outside -- and you get to use it all.

Each and every new office has soaring 11-foot windows (really, wait till you see them, they are soaring) and shares the glass-and-steel style of our midcentury modern building. Even more importantly for your business's image and success, each office comes with free coworking memberships, free time in our well-appointed meeting rooms and gets you an address in the middle of the most happening place in Santa Cruz County.

Interested? Just let Cruzio know. Offices are renting fast but we have a lot of them -- plenty of room for you.

4. MakersFactory in the News
One emerging local business worth checking out is MakersFactory, which began as an idea in the always-busy brains of two talented local entrepreneurs, David Britton and Chris Yonge.

Their field is high-tech, do-it-yourself design and manufacture. This fall, they'll be moving from their small coworking space to a large studio/classroom in the Cruzioworks expansion offices with some amazing equipment, software and expertise. Fun stuff.

MakersFactory should interest almost everyone in a creative community like Santa Cruz. Making things ourselves is the revival of an old idea using brand new technology. They're seeing a lot of positive response, like this article in the Sentinel.

If you'd like to know more, visit the MakersFactory website. They're on Facebook, too, and would appreciate a "Like."

5. Mountain Lions in Santa Cruz
As folks in Bonny Doon or Boulder Creek will tell you, big cats roam in the Santa Cruz Mountains -- lots of stories out there. We're lucky to have mountain lion experts at UCSC looking out for the welfare of both the people and the animals around us. They've got a fascinating website with video of local mountain lion captures and an interactive map showing where the animals have recently roamed. Brrrr.

6. Bringing the Muralists Inside
We like the art displayed in civic spaces around our town. Even our traffic boxes are colorful and original. And for August's First Friday art show, Cruzio brought some of that art indoors.

Santa Cruz Mountain boutique vineyard Naumann Vineyards provided the vinolicious accompaniment to the wine-themed art walk.

The wine's all gone but the paintings are still on display, showing work you may have seen around town: Margo Mullen's paintings of comic-like shapes in dreamscape colors -- (see a video of Margo painting robot bees on a traffic box on Soquel Boulevard) and Marvin Plummer's gigantic soulful pet portraits which now grace our walls: gorgeous. (Would he do a custom portrait of your pet? Yes. He even does bunnies and chickens.) Margo Mullen also blogged about the show.

We have a great space for exhibiting art and look forward to showcasing more local artists in future First Fridays.

7. Fiber Funnies
You probably know that Cruzio has invested heavily in bringing fiberoptic cable into downtown Santa Cruz so our customers can have access to ultra-high-speed Internet.

We also have a redundant, separately sourced high speed connection which will kick in at any interruption to the main line. That's because we know all kinds of things can damage physical infrastructure. It can be a huge pain when it happens but it's got a funny side too: check out a fiber technician's "Ten Most Annoying Causes of Fiber Cuts."

8. Ewaste Recycling Results
As always, last month's electronics recycling brought in truckloads of unwanted, non-working electronics, freeing up space in garages and closets all over town -- and supporting Hope Services, which helps disabled people find work in our community. In all, we collected an impressive 3,455 lbs of ewaste. The old monitors, modems, microwaves and more were responsibly recycled.

Thanks for participating, we'll let you know when we're doing it again. It's great to clean house every now and then.

9. What's New Around Cruzioworks
Some of the software geeks in Cruzioworks are talking about setting up a local SourceForge... The Verve coffee from the Sentinel Cafe is hot and delicious, and we enjoyed the baklava last week at our weekly Bounce Hour... Cruzioworks staff is working on how to expand seating in the classroom... Ann from the Tannery bringing in news of the expansion there, lots of new studio space for artists and plans for a ballet theatre... Talking about tools for running small businesses. How do you manage schedules, keep track of milestones?... News Flash, just signed: Santa Cruz Weekly will be moving into one of our new offices this fall, more on that soon... The Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup had a fascinating group of local experts on mechatronics and fabrication. MakersFactory, Origin Laser Tools, RCR and IDE were joined by UCSC professor Gabriel Hugh Elkaim in a discussion about the latest fabrication techniques and how they're being used in Santa Cruz County... Cruzio's new space is proceeding ahead of schedule, may be open by the October. Time for another party?

Thanks very much from Cruzio:
Chris, Peggy, Mark, Paul, Gershom, Jessi, James, Nikkie, Mike, Westi, Jaime, another Chris, yet another Chris, Sandi, Robbert, Jesse, Ralph, Colin, Ian, Rob, Edgar, Rebecca, Taylor, Krissie, Adia, Robert, Tenolian, Jahnai, Jake and Elena;
Our fantastic interns;
Jake, Annika and Carly (the kids). 

"August is the Sunday of months." Annika, age 16, enjoying the bittersweet final days of summer before going back to school.

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