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Cruzio Now Offering High-Speed Wireless Internet

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All of us here at Cruzio are excited to announce something we've been working on for quite a while —we've acquired Gatespeed Broadband, a leader in wireless Internet in the Bay Area.

Why'd Cruzio do that?
There are a couple of reasons. First, the AT&T fiber cut in early 2009 showed that there needs to be multiple bandwidth connections into Santa Cruz County, and we'd like to run at least one of them. We also recognize that there are businesses and organizations that need better connections than even our DSL 6.0 can deliver, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and make it happen.

How does this work?
Cruzio now has access to towers up on the top of the Santa Cruz Mountains, including Loma Prieta, Mt. Umunhum, and others. If your location has line of sight to one of the towers, we can put an antenna on your roof, then put a antenna on the mountain, and point them at each other. The towers then are connected to incredibly fast Internet connections in the Bay Area.

Chris Neklason looking outCruzio equipment on Loma Prieta

L: Cruzio Co-Owner Chris Neklason surveying Santa Cruz County. R: Some of the towers and antennas on Loma Prieta.

Is this like wireless I have at home or in coffeeshops, or like what's on the iPhone/Blackberry?
This is actually not like regular wifi (802.11g) or cell technology like 3G. It's more like a regular DSL connection, but instead of the Internet coming in over the phone cable, it's beamed from antenna to antenna.

Is this for everyone?
If you already have DSL with Cruzio, you may not need to switch to wireless. It's really best for those who:

  • Can't get any other kind of broadband. Stuck in a spot that can't get DSL or cable? We can now help!
  • Need a lot of bandwidth. Wireless connections can go fast—up to 100 Mbps fast, far surpassing just about every other option out there.
  • Need a backup connection. As the fiber cut in early 2009 showed, having a secondary connection at a reasonable price can come in handy when you need it. Our wireless connections are completely independent from AT&T and Comcast.
  • Need fast upload speeds. Wireless connections, unlike DSL and Cable, are fully symmetrical, meaning the upload speed matches the download. Want 7 Mbps up? 15? 100? Let's talk.

Are you a Gatespeed user?
Welcome to Cruzio! We're glad to see you here and we'll work hard to earn your trust. We've become Santa Cruz's most award-winning ISP by consistently providing great customer service and reasonable prices. Neither your service or your monthly charges will change—in fact, you'll now have access to a larger tech support team.

Want to sign up?
The first wireless product that we're offering is a 7 Mbps symmetrical connection—perfect for businesses that need to replace their aging T1. Pricing starts as low as $299/month. If interested, please visit our Wireless Broadband page.

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Cruzio is bringing faster internet to Santa Cruz County - 30Mbps Business Broadband