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Feb 25

Best songs of 2010

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Well, I waited too long and the Grammys stole my thunder. But yes, I do have a Top 5 songs of 2010 list. As usual, I worked very, very hard on this and I'm pretty confident that I will still like these songs in 10 years. 
Unlike the Grammys, I didn't put Arcade Fire in the Top 5.  They were at #6. I just couldn't move anything ahead of them out.
I will
Aug 27

Fire Tornado!

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Like something out of a medieval painting: a fire tornado.
Jun 07

Web Therapy

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Web Therapy
Jun 03

Sun and Fog on West Cliff

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Inspired by another blogger's excellent text , here are photos from West Cliff this morning. Watching the fog go out is an event!
May 18

Tour of California 2010

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May 18, 2010: In bicycle news, the AMGEN "Tour of California" blew through Santa Cruz today.


Last year I stood at the bottom of a hill — Walnut Street — and saw the bikes torrent down and corner at full speed. This year I was near the top of Beach Hill, where cyclists climbed into their last kilometer. Beautiful day, Santa Cruz looking its best (excellent

May 07

Tin Can Sculpture

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Saw this on West Cliff this morning: someone took a soda can or beer can and made it into a bird. A pelican, I think. Beautiful!





Mar 16

Steamer Lane, March 16, 2010

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Here are some photos from Steamer Lane, taken this morning. Powerful waves, and lots of waves but few surfers at first. Word must have spread, because soon people were running down to catch them.









Mar 10

We Survive the Tsunami

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Last Saturday, my daughter Carly and I went to Capitola for some good times — wandering around town, visiting the beach. We're usually in Santa Cruz, and Capitola, 20 minutes away, seems so exotic.


We were surprised to find the town officially "closed." When we got there the shopkeepers were hanging "Closed for Tsunami"  signs and locking their doors,

Dec 31

Top 5 Songs of 2009

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It's almost impossible to get any list down to just 5 items. That's what's so fun about this exercise every year. It's a crazy thing to pursue. But, inspired by the character in High Fidelity, it's become a ritual for me.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this video


So here, on the last day of the year, are my top 5 songs of 2009, not in any

Dec 03

Jimmy Page and Jay-Z and more

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This is a great mashup. These guys are blending 2 or 3 songs at a time and the visual isn't bad either — classical violinist while Lou Reed sings "Walk on the Wild Side," ecstatic shots of Jimi Hendrix. Plus it's such a wide range of music and so well put together. Beyonce is matched up with Lynrd Skynrd. Keep it on for a while, it just keeps going and

Nov 19

Cold Water Classic Day 7, Steamer Lane, 2009

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On the final day of the Classic I was lucky enough to catch some really exciting surfing. The waves were humongous — even more impressive than Saturday's, and maybe even messier. I was there for a semifinal heat of the Oakley Junior contest, which turned out to be an unexpectedly watch-worthy contest. 

In the heat I saw, the second that day, there were two

Nov 17

Cold Water Classic Day 6, Steamer Lane, 2009

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Day 6 was a Saturday, so there was a big crowd. A woman saw my camera and pointed out: "There's a guy with A RABBIT ON HIS HEAD." That is unusual, and here he is. By the way, he was singing about the rabbit on his head.


But enough about rabbits. How about the waves?

Welcome to Santa Cruz.


The waves were so tame and lame during the week, but now

Nov 10

Cold Water Classic, Day 7, Nat Young

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Nat Young is a homeboy for us Santa Cruz West Siders. He won last year's Coldwater Classic in Santa Cruz as teenager up against some of the best and most experienced surfers in the world — Local Boy winning Local Contest. Plus, he thanks his mom and dad in interviews.  He also says "surfing is the best way to improve your surfing." Come on, you've got to

Nov 03

Cold Water Classic Day 2, Steamer Lane, 2009

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Check it out, this is utterly vertical


But he's able to pull it down


…and land it! Doesn't that defy the laws of physics? How can you stand a knife edge up in the water?

The second day, waves were lax in the morning when I'm out with my camera, so I didn't get many photos. But here are a few…





Then, post-game: here are all these great surfers in town, plus

Nov 03

Cold Water Classic, Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz 2009

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Around Santa Cruz, the water is cold. But the waves are lively, and people like playing in the them. (Thank goodness local Santa Cruzan, Jack O'Neill, invented the wetsuit.)

Our cold water also got us a great surf contest, the Coldwater Classic. Every year top surfers from around the world show up to challenge our powerful waves and each other.

Here are some

Oct 23

Steamer Lane, October 23, 2009. Surf's Up.

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The waves were decent at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz this morning. Big, but messy.








Oct 20

Steamer Lane, October 20, 2009. Surf's Up.

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Surfing at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz.
















Oct 15

Earthquake 1989

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I lived in Taiwan in the early 1980's, so I was used to earthquakes. In Taipei we had a couple of quakes every fall — a little shaking, a few objects falling from tables. Even after moving to Santa Cruz in 1987, I'd been through my share of little earthquakes (which were, as it turns out, foreshocks).  It affects you — it shocks you — every time, but I felt

Sep 24

I like the same music as Keith Urban

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Itunes has a great new feature.

They've had celebrity playlists for a while, but now they're doing podcasts of people talking about the songs and why they like them — people like Quentin Tarentino, Katy Perry, Mick Fleetwood. These folks know a lot about music and it's interesting to watch them cross boundaries and choose music from genres you wouldn't

Sep 15

Steamer Lane, August 23, 2009. Surf's Up.

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8.28.9 part 1

Surfing at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California. Some of the best surfers in the world on some of the best waves — just another day at the lane.




Knee-boarder in the background.

Close call. 

 Wave world.



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