Dec 17

Southern California November Real Estate Sales: "Underwhelming"

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Southern California home sales plunged in November, falling with a 10.4 percent thud across Riverside County and by the same percentage in the entire six-county region, the latest report from San Diego-based DataQuick said.

DataQuick president John Walsh called the performance “underwhelming.”

The month was far from flamboyant by DataQuick president John

Dec 15

Torch Relay Update -- Olympians in Sverdlovsk Region

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Russian track star Mariya Savinova was one of over 300 torchbearers who carried the Olympic flame through the Sverdlovsk Region on Friday. (Sochi 2014)
(ATR) On Friday, the torch relay journeyed 385.3 miles east from Tobolsk to the city of Ekaterinburg. 

Close to 300 torchbearers carried the flame through Ekaterinburg, including Olympic synchronized
Dec 15

Sochi winter Olympic flame shown to Polar Bears

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Sochi winter Olympic flame shown to Polar Bears

(CNTV)    10:28, December 09, 2013
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A polar bear is one of three official Sochi 2014 Olympic mascots, along with a snow leopard and a hare, both of which were also present during the event. (Photo/CNTV)

A polar bear is one of three
Dec 15

Avaya reaches for gold as Olympic torch makes N.J. detour en route to Sochi

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If you’re going to run with an official torch for the 2014 Winter Olympics, you might as well have some snow to go with it.

A mild winter storm set the stage for a ceremonial relay that Avaya, the global telecommunications company, held in Basking Ridge yesterday to celebrate its part in bringing the upcoming Sochi Olympics to

Dec 15

Sochi Olympic Torch To Visit Annapolis

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sochi-2014-logoNavy Hockey in conjunction withAvaya Government Solutions has arranged for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch to visit the United States Naval Academy on Wednesday, December 11th.

With 66 days to go until the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games , Navy Hockey announces that the Olympic Flame will travel to the United States Naval Academy next Wednesday
Dec 15

Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Relay reaches Siberian capital

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Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Relay reaches Siberian capital - Torch bearer Ivan Rudenko

©Sochi 2014


The Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Relay reached Novosibirsk – the capital of Russia’s Siberian region – as the ninth week of the 123-day relay came to a close. The Olympic flame toured the Novosibirsk district for three days, making it one of the longest sections of the relay, with 260 Torchbearers taking part, covering a combined distance

Dec 15

Sochi Olympic Flame Taken to Ural Mountains

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Natalya Korchagina with the torch

YEKATERINBURG, Russia, December 13 (R-Sport) – The Sochi Olympic flame reached Russia's Ural Federal District on Friday with its first stop in the industrial city of Nizhny Tagil.

The torch was carried by the 2012 Russian national Nordic combined champion Sergei Dyachuk and skier Natalya Korchagina at the foot of Dolgaya mountain, a popular local winter

Dec 15

Sochi Olympic Flame Reaches Historic Siberian Center

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Olympic torch relay in the Tobolsk Kremlin

Olympic flame graced the ancient Siberian city of Tobolsk on Thursday as it passes the halfway mark on its 123-day journey around Russia.

The Olympic torch was carried by 25 prominent figures from the region on the latest leg of its journey to Sochi for the Winter Games in February, with Tobolsk Mayor Vladimir Mazur finishing inside the local Kremlin

Dec 12


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Aristotle, by most accounts, had a lousy sense of humor. If he was witty at all, my guess is that his jokes tended toward the too-clever-by-half, labored wordplay that does

Dec 11

5 Positive Trends for Bay Area Real Estate in 2014

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The good feelings generated by many swollen bank accounts in Silicon Valley's real estate industry should spread to more markets next year, while the Bay Area continues to reap the benefits of a strong local economy.

That was one takeaway from this year's presentation of Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2014, the closely watched survey of real estate

Dec 06

2013 Car Trip from Santa Cruz, CA to Upper Midwest and Nat'l Parks

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Late August and early September of 2013 was a time for 4900 miles of traveling. That allowed for visits with friends, sight seeing at grand places, and long stretches on the road to get to all the destinations.


 Near the UT/CO border, Dinosaur Nat'l. Monument has fossils from the big guys, weighing more than 25 tons when they were still moving around 150

Dec 05

Amazon has drones; Google's got robots

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Amazon has drones, but Google's got robots - seven new robotics acquisitions, in fact 


While Amazon claims to be planning to make drones its new delivery drivers,

Dec 05

Hackers secretly redirecting web traffic around the world

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Internet’s new biggest threat?
Hackers secretly redirecting web traffic around the world 

Image from


Internet experts say huge chunks of sensitive web traffic have been routinely hijacked by hackers and diverted to foreign computers, compromising the data of victims in at least 150 cities

Dec 05

ISON -- comet of the century

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Comet ISON, imaged by longtime amateur astrophotograper Damian Peach in the U.K. He used a 4-inch f/5 telescope for 12 minutes of combined exposures on November 15th. Credit: Damian Peach /  

All four comets now visible in the pre-dawn skies are captured on November 7 from the Sormano Astronomical Observatoy in Italy.   Credit: 

Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON), age 4.5 billion, of the Oort Cloud, disintegrated in the Sun's corona on November 28. ISON was born not long after our solar system began forming spending most of its life beyond the orbit of Pluto among other icy planetesimals and comets.

On September 21, 2012, ISON

Dec 05

Olympic torch dives into history at Lake Baikal

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 Sochi-2014 Olympic torch dives into history at Lake Baikal
The Olympic torch’s odyssey around Russia reached new depths as it dived into the world’s biggest freshwater lake, Lake Baikal in Siberia. Divers took the burning torch to the bottom of the lake – another first for the Olympic relay.
Still from RT video 
Still from RT video
Still from RT video
Dec 03

Home Prices Gained Less Than 1% in October

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CoreLogic a leading residential property information, analytics and services provider, today released its October CoreLogic Home Price Index (HPI(®)) report. On a month-over-month basis, including distressed sales, home prices increased by only 0.2 percent in October 2013 compared to September 2013*. Year over year, home prices nationwide, including

Nov 30

Olympic torch bearer briefly sets himself on fire

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Another mishap from the long, adventurous Sochi Olympic torch relay has made its way onto the Internet.

The latest glitch reportedly occurred on Wednesday when former

Nov 30

Black Friday May Not Be the Best Time to Shop for Bargains

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Recent research has shown that many Black Friday sale items this year are the same things that were on sale last year, and some are even more expensive. 

Other items, like electronics, aren't much cheaper on Black Friday than they are any other time of

Nov 29

2013 Car Trip from Santa Cruz, CA to Upper Midwest

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 August/September 2013, visits with friends and to national parks.


At the border of Utah andColorado, Dinosaur National Monument has fossils from 25 ton dinosaurs.


Nov 20

15 June 2013: 50 years ago, first woman to fly in space wore world's first mission patch

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15 June 2013: 50 years ago, first woman to fly in space wore world's first mission patch
Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, who 50 years ago this Sunday launched aboard the Soviet Union's Vostok 6 mission, set a world record by becoming the first woman in space. But her gender wasn't the only contribution that Tereshkova made to the cultural history of space
Cruzio is bringing faster internet to Santa Cruz County - 30Mbps Business Broadband