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A Cruzio Wifi Hotspot is a wireless network accessible to the public that is set up and maintained by Cruzio. Pending approval of this application, a wireless access point will be enabled by Cruzio at the address noted below. The applicant will be contacted by Cruzio staff within a few days of submitting this form.

Cruzio Wifi Hotspot conditions

  • Cruzio will set up a wireless public access point.
  • Cruzio is not responsible for networking office computers or other peripherals.
  • Cruzio is not responsible for providing technical support to individual Cruzio Wifi Hotspot end-users.
  • This agreement forbids resale of wireless access point services.
  • Applicant will need to have AT&T phone service.
  • An hourly rate will be charged for site visits required after setup.
  • Cruzio Wifi Hotspot locations must sign up for DSL 1.5 or above at the current sale rate for a one-year contract.
  • Cruzio Wifi Hotspot end-users must accept Cruzio's terms via the hotspot's login page.

Cruzio Wifi Hotspot displays

  • Cruzio banner at the Cruzio Wifi Hotspot.
  • Cruzio flyers at the Cruzio Wifi Hotspot.
  • Small door sign at the Cruzio Wifi Hotspot.
  • Browser-based login with visit to

Cruzio provides:

  • Promotion of your business on Cruzio's popular Web site, newsletters and press.
  • The loan and free setup of a DSL modem and router.
  • All promotional materials.
  • Lower fees and specialized services.
Cruzio is bringing faster internet to Santa Cruz County - 30Mbps Business Broadband

Cruzio WiFi Hotspot Application

Wifi Hotspot Address:
Zip Code:
Business Contact:
Phone Number:
Email Address: (*)
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Technical Contact:
Technical Contact Phone:
Tech Email:
DSL Phone Number:

I understand that by submitting this form, I am agreeing to all conditions of this trade agreement. Those conditions include, but are not are not limited to acceptance of Cruzio's usage terms and conditions, which supersede all previous representations, understandings, or agreements and shall prevail notwithstanding any variance with terms and conditions of any order.

Cruzio retains the right to ownership of the loaned hardware, and in the case of damage that causes the equipment to be inoperable, Cruzio Wifi Hotspot will be required to pay the full retail price charged by Cruzio.

Cruzio reserves the right to modify these usage terms and conditions and change pricing or services at any time without notice. Cruzio may immediately terminate your Cruzio account and this trade agreement for violation of any of the Cruzio usage terms and conditions and either party may cancel this agreement with 30-days notice. A DSL one-year service contract applies.