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Cruzio Newsletter #129, December 7, 2009
1. Free Coworking Day for Every Cruzio Member
2. Keep an Eye on Net Neutrality
3. Left My Laptop Around and Facebook Logged In
4. Cruzio Connects the Nexties
5. How Fast Does the Internet Move?
6. Ribbon Cutting at 877 Cedar Street
7. Obvious vs. Subtle Spam
8. Graphing the History of Words
9. Classes on Wireless
10. Vote for Cruzio!

1. Free Coworking Day for Every Cruzio Member
Have you ever wanted to try coworking? You can, free, until the end of March.

If you work from home, or with your laptop in a coffee shop, Cruzioworks (our new coworking facility) can be the best of all worlds: a well-lit, secure, green environment with opportunities for collaboration all around you... free from distractions... and right in downtown Santa Cruz. Lots of parking, shops, and restaurants nearby.

Plus, since it's Cruzio, there's a fast Internet connection included.

You don't have to buy cup after cup of coffee just to use skimpy cafe Internet.  You don't have to feel guilty ssshushing your kids, dog, or parakeet. You can sit in comfort all day long and get your work done.

Sometime this week, every Cruzio member should receive a postcard with our new address on it. Save that card! On the back is a generous offer from Cruzio: you can come in and work in our brand new coworking space any weekday, 9 to 5 pm, until the end of March, normally a $20 value. And we'll have free, freshly brewed coffee every day to help you get motivated. 

2. Keep an Eye on Net Neutrality
As of press time, efforts to undermine Net Neutrality were again underfoot in the U.S. House and Senate.  Big telecommunications companies have a lot of lobbyists, and if the public doesn't pay attention, the Internet as we know it may slip away.

Follow the progress on freepress.net -- Cruzio supports an open Internet where people can choose their own sources of information, rather than being limited to those favored by their Internet providers. (Even though we're an Internet provider ourselves, we just don't think it's right.)

3. "Left my laptop around & facebook logged in"
No software can protect you if you leave your laptop unattended, and it happens surprisingly often. Here's an example that's gone viral. Don't let it happen to you:

Note to the owner of this laptop... it isn't smart to leave it in the middle of an airport lounge unattended with your facebook logged in

4. Cruzio Connects the Nexties
When Santa Cruz Next wanted high-speed Internet for their second annual Nexties event this January 23rd, Cruzio delivered. We piped 100 mbps of wireless Internet into the Rittenhouse building to rock the party.

Our service is available for future events there, too, as well as for events in our own building. The Good Times listed the award winners, congratulations! These folks have made real contributions to our community.

5. How Fast Does the Internet Move?
A friend reports that last time there was an earthquake in the middle of the night, he went over to his computer and googled "earthquake." News of the 10-minute earlier quake was at the top of Google's page. Not only was the information entered immediately -- it was also catalogued and search-ready almost instantly. 

6. Ribbon Cutting at 877 Cedar
Last Friday was the official ribbon-cutting of the building Cruzio shares with Ecology Action. 

We had a whale of a time! John Laird came down from Sacramento, back in his home town from the citadel of power in our capital. In his new job as Secretary for California's Resources Agency, he described our green building as just the right thing to do.

We agree. It is the pleasantest place we've ever worked! Our staff is happy to be in such a dramatically beautiful yet comfortable office space, located conveniently right in downtown Santa Cruz.

And say! You could work here too! See item #1 above describing your chance to bring your work here for a day for free.

For pictures and descriptions, check out Cruzio's blog post and the article in the Sentinel. Lots of our early-adopter coworkers were interviewed for the article -- we love to get press for our members!

7. Obvious vs. Subtle Spam
Sometimes you'll get a spam in your mailbox and you just know it's a scam. For example, recently we filtered out a message that was from the email address "James@kdliclwbkdkfckeluekaluc.{SPF_D1}." Does anyone know a person with that email address? We can safely say no. An email like that is quickly discarded.

But other times the scammer is more clever. 

A common scheme is to imitate a trusted entity, like a bank or an Internet Service Provider. Watch out for those! They can be quite convincing. A good rule of thumb: whenever an email directs you to enter personal information, don't do it.

Cruzio's spam filters catch the vast majority of spam. Even when phony email slips through, we are usually able to track and disable its connection to our members, so that the scheme can't be fully perpetrated, even if a Cruzio member is fooled. But no matter how effective the filter, we've still got to be on our guard. Phishing, or online scamming, is a multi-billion dollar business -- and it's growing.

8. Graphing the History of Words
There's a new toy on the Internet, courtesy of Google. It simply counts how many times a word occurs in published material over the course of the last few centuries.

So how about a word we hear every day, dude? It's gained traction since the 1800's, although it's been used a lot over the years:

In 1884: " The newest dude carries his cane at an angle of forty-five degrees, suspended airily between his thumb and finger."

In 1979: " In the 1930s one observer said about dudes, 'They want to wear overalls and a loud shirt and a pair of cowboy boots..'" [very different from the earlier dude with the cane!]

And a little more familiar, from 1997: "Dudes, as a rule, like to partake of the sacramental herb."

What's a word that's become less popular? How about "hyacinth?"
Though it's a proper flower name, it's seen quite a decline. Hyacinths are less popular than dudes these days. You just don't see this kind of language, from 1811 any more:

"the deep-bosom'd forest that wraps the lone valley, Where the Sun scant'ly glimmering checkers the green, Scarce wav'd by the gales with her clusters that daily, Though veil'd, the wild hyacinth lurks not unseen."

Try a favorite word of your own! Yes, you can look up rude words as well.

9. Classes on Wireless
Cruzio is teaming up with members of the Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club to hold a 7-week series of classes followed by examinations towards the Technician and General FCC amateur radio license (aka Ham).

Following the fiber cut and loss of telephone service, including 911, to most of the county in 2009, hams from the local chapter of Amateur Radio emergency Service (ARES) stepped in to assist in communications between local emergency services and first responders.

Most Cruzio technical staff are taking the class to increase our ability, as a lifeline communications provider, to help the community when disaster strikes.

Classes will be held Wednesdays at 11:30 starting March 2 through April 13, at the new classroom in Cruzio's building at 877 Cedar Street in downtown Santa Cruz.  

There are a few seats available for the class which is free, but there is a cost of $20 for the class workbook and CDROM. If you would like to attend and can seriously commit to the time, please email This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to save a seat.

For more information about the local amateur radio scene, a great place to start is http:/www.k6bj.org/

10. Vote for Cruzio!
Oh, we love it when we're lauded. So we're going to wear our heart is on our sleeve and ask you to vote for us in local reader polls in the Good Times and Santa Cruz Weekly. Thanks for your support, we work our hardest to deserve it.

Thanks very much from Cruzio:
Chris, Peggy, Mark, Paul, Gershom, Jessi, James, Juana, Nikkie, Mike, Westi, Jaime, another Chris, yet another Chris, Zachary, Sandi, Robbert, Jesse, Ralph, Colin, Tiffany, Ian, Rob, Edgar, Rebecca, Taylor, Krissie, Matthew, Krista and Matt;
Our invaluable interns Chelsi and Emily; 
and Jake, Annika and Carly (the kids); 

"There should be a law against making teenagers angry." -- Carly, age 13

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